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Dynamos 11 Durham Wasps 5 (Icy Smith Cup)
(2-4 ; 4-2 ; 5-0)
Dynamos, 3-0 down before they really broke sweat, refused to let this dishearten them and went into an all out attack on Franklin in the visitors cage. It was the second line of Anderson - Reade - Churchill who helped Dynamos back into the game . Reade, playing in his first game this season, scored three fine goals and his accurate passing split the Wasps defence wide open.
Dynamos started the third period with Hester scoring a penalty shot and from then on coasted home to a second round tie against Billingham Bombers. Best for Dynamos were Shields, Hester and Reade. Wasps had some fine youngsters in their side and looked a very fit team.
Dynamos :
Shields 4, Reade 3, Wilson, Anderson, Hester , Daly
Holmberg 2, McDonough, Nelson, Olsson, Franklin
Shots on Goal
Callaghan (Dynamos)  11-  4 - 2       17
Franklin (Durham)          9- 14-11       34
Report by "J. B." Ice Hockey Newsletter December 1977

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