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Dundee Rockets 2 Dynamos 3 14 Dec 69 League

Report by Farquhar Matheson – IceHockey Herald No9 – December 1969

When asked before the match whether Dundee had any special plans to counter Robert Stevenson, Dundee skipper Pete Smith said “Yes, we are going to shoot him!”

It must have been a bitter blow to Pete that after giving such a superb display, to have the deciding goal kicked past him by his own coach, and then to find it credited to Stevie, who had been the last man to touch the puck on the opposing side.

After weathering heavy Glasgow pressure in the first period, Dundee came more into the game and a Flight goal put them into the lead. They went two up when Bennett forced the puck home, but by the end of the period Glasgow had squared things with a goal apiece from the Stevenson brothers. During the last stanza, Rockets outshot their opponents but the fates were against them when dynamos winner came in the last minute.

Rockets looked much better than they did in Glasgow but their lack of fast wingers was again highlighted each time Key or Stewart broke away only to find no one in support. Over the piece I felt a draw would have been a fairer result.

Star Ratings

*** W Lavety

** Smith

* Key