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Dynamos 4 Durham Wasps 4    6 Dec 1970     Autumn Cup

Dynamos may be won’t agree with me, but this was as good a game as I’ve seen this season. Tense, tight and exciting, with a draw as the fair result.

Wasps took a first minute lead through Stark, and in 3minutes W Lavety, back to fitness after a week of intensive treatment, opened the home account. The visitors were showing no “bottom of the table” complex, and around the fifteen minute mark they rocked Dynamos with two goals inside twenty seconds, Johnson and Raine being the scorers.

Durham had the better of the exchanges in the second period, and Laird handled twice as many shots as his opposite number. It was Dynamos who scored first however, when R Stevenson holed out from close in. Clattenburg stopped a B Stevenson shot with his forehead, and retired for repairs, resuming after five minutes, heavily bandaged and wearing a helmet. Tindale restored Wasps two-goal lead with an unassisted goal.

Dynamos became desperate in the final frame, and the blood stained Clattenburg played a hero’s part as he repulsed wave after wave of white shirted attacks. Shields and Donough were lucky to escape with merely a minor penalty when they tangled on the boards, and Adamson took a “soft one” for tripping.  The pressure had to pay off, and D Lavety stormed out of defence and netted. With three minutes to go, B Stevenson grabbed the equaliser, and, amid great excitement, dynamos swarmed around Clattenburg. Forty five seconds to go and the game took a dramatic turn. W Lavety was thumbed and Wasps laid on a strong power play for the winner.Bu Laird held firm and time ran out on them


Star Ratings:

***  R Stevenson

**    Tindale

*      Clattenburg

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