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Dynamos  0   Whitley Bay  9      17 Oct 71   Autumn cup


Dynamos:  McKay, McCrone ; Barratt, Connor, A Lavety, Purcell; Shields, Sinclair, Maguire, Carroll, Hall, Callaghan, Hester, Allan, Bonthron:


Whitley Bay: Gilbert; Hudson, Scott, H Pearson, K Matthews; T Matthews, Miller, McLane, G Pearson, J Pearson, Barthram:


First Period

1) Warriors: J Pearson (Miller, T Matthews)    6.23

2) Warriors: T Matthews (Hudson, Miller)    9.19

3) Warriors: T Matthews (J Pearson)    10.07

4) Warriors: T Matthews (Miller)     13.48

5) Warriors: T Matthews (Miller, J Pearson)     15.10

Pens: Sinclair, Scott, Maguire


Second Period

6) Warriors: J Pearson (T Matthews)     23.39

7) Warriors: Miller (J Pearson)     36.30

Pens: Barratt, K Matthews


Third Period

8) Warriors: J Pearson (K Matthews)     42.42

9) Warriors: Edmonds (T Matthews)     50.36

Pens: G Pearson,Sinclair


Shots on Goal               1          2          3        Total

McKay (Dynamos)       21        13        20          54

Gilbert  (Warriors)          2         3          7          12


Warriors turned on a powerful performance, both in attack and defence, that completely demoralised a slow and sadly out of touch Dynamos side. Bob Gilbert earned the first shut out of the season the easy way by having only twelve shots to deal with, seven in the lat period. While Warriors moved like a well-oiled machine, Dynamos just could not get going. Their twin spearheads, shields and Hester had a real off night, and the only forwards that looked like doing any damage were Carroll and the returning Sinclair. Carroll in fact deserved a goal in the third period when he twisted through the visiting defence and unleashed a thunderbolt, which just shaved Gilbert’s left hand post with the netman groping blindly.

The goals came in steady progression. Jim Pearson opened the scoring and before the end of the first period T Matthews had rattled in four more with the ease of a man potting billiard balls. McKay, who, along with Lavety and Purcell stood between Dynamos and a cricket score, must have wondered where all the rubber was coming from, and could have been forgiven if he thought there were three or four pucks on the ice instead of just the statutory one.

The last two periods were replicas of the first, McKay against Warriors, and the fact that the latter managed only two goals in each periods, is greatly to the credit of the tall ‘tender. Warriors played the last ten minutes without T Matthews, who was taken off with a badly cut lip, but the machine kept moving forward relentlessly. Overall, a

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