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22.11.70 Glasgow Dynamos 5 Ayr Bruins 4 Ayrshire Advertiser Report Nov 1970

Glasgow Dynamos 5 Ayr Bruins 4

A right ding-dong of a game with the play swinging one way then the other right to the end. It was an unfortunate night for Bruins, as captain Jimmy Young, who was playing his best game of the season, received a ten minute misconduct penalty for arguing with the referee, and in the last period he was involved in a stick fight which resulted in both players receiving match misconducts.

R Stevenson shot Glasgow into the lead after two minutes but Al Brennan levelled the scores within a minute. Midway through the period Lavety squeezed one past Logan but once again Bruins were quick to equalise, this time McCrae being the scorer. A controversial argument developed at the end of the period when McBride scored a great solo goal. Glasgow protested that the period had ended and the referees were allowing the goal until further talks with the timekeeper gave them reason to cancel the decision.

McBride, however, scored a brilliant solo goal – skating the length of the rink – to put bruins ahead early in the second period. Play swayed one way then the other, and, just before the period ended, Carroll scrambled home a goal while the Bruins were under penalty, and brought the scores level once again.

Early in the third period, Bruins started to take command of the game and after several near misses Al Brennan crashed home an unsaveable shot from the blue line. They held out until, with four minutes to go, R Stevenson slapped home the equaliser. With two minutes to go, R Stevenson again managed to score from a tight position, and, although shorthanded, Bruins bombarded the home nets for the remainder of play, hitting the post twice.

Bruins – Logan, Newall; Pyper, McWilliam, Weir, Dempster; McBride, Brennan, McCrae, Hendrie,Young, Alexander,  McCord, Speirs, McCord:

Glasgow – Mackay, Grant; A Lavety, Tyson, Purcell, D Lavety; W Lavety, R Stevenson, B Stevenson, McCafferty, Ormond, Shields, Carroll, Churchill, Allan, Dobson:

Referees – I Black, T Watt:




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