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Fife Flyers 5 Dynamos 4
For thIrty minutes of thIs match Flyers played like tlred men - ;one mIght even say tIred strangers to each other. They let Dynamos dlctate the play and establish a four goal lead. Then, as the remarks from the crowd became more and more pointed, they came to Iife with a Hunter goal. The jeers turned to cheers,and, with fantastic support from a larger than usual home crowd. skated to a hard-earned victory.
Part of the trouble, I thInk, was that Dynamos surprlsed the homesters wIth the hIgh quality of theIr hockey, particularly in the first period. Even two smartly taken goals by W. Lavety dIdn't completely remove the air of overconfidence. B. Stevenson opened the second spell by touchIng a M'Caln rocket into the net and it wasn't until Shields had the effrontery to score number four that Flyers realised that something extra-special in the way of effort was required to overcome a very good Glasgow side indeed. Hunter supplied the spark with an unexpected scoring shro from sIx yards, swept home while his back was towards M'Kay. John Taylor got a break and added another from out on the boards, The Dynamo defence began to panic a little and theIr cause was not helped when Lovell fed Horne at the ,blue line and the resultant piledriver was deflected out of M'Kay's reach by Hunter.
WIth Hester off for tripplng, Lovell tied things up and just before the turn round in the fInal frame Hunter set the seal on a good night's work by notching what proved to be the winner.             B.S.
STAR RATINGS  *** Hunter    ** M'Caln    * Lovell,

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