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Glasgow Dynamos 1 Paisley Mohawks 3
Report by Bernard Stocks for the Ice Hockey Herald No 42 -11 November 1972

Somehow thIs rather scrappy local derby never reached the heIghts of excitement which we have come to expect when these great rivals meet. I've a feeling that part of the blame for thIs lies in the fact that the first two periods were played straIght through - neIther side seemed to get the 'feel'
of things until- the last few minutes. In the final reckoning I thought Dynamos a trifle unlucky not to salvage a draw, for the only difference between the teams was that Paisley cashed in on thelr chances whereas Glasgow footered and fumbled around Nelson ind scorned at least two excellent openIngs.
Dynamos looked slightly the better crew in the opening exchanges and Stevenson settled them with an unassIsted breakaway goal early on. Dempsey, Niskanen and McKay were the main threats to McKay and each In turn tested the lanky keeper. For Dynamos, new centre McCain showed some neat touches, but generally Nelson had little to do in the first period.
The second perIod saw Mohawks begin to swing the match theIr way and Kelly and Dempsey set up WeIr for the only goal of the frame. WIth rIval coaches and top scorers MIller and W.Lavety policlng each other both attacks seemed blunted and thIs trend continued into the third period. One sensed that the next goal would decide the issue, and so it turned out. Churchill was the tie-breaker, with Weir getting the deciding goal late on.
It would be too much to hope that an evening of Dynamos v. Mohawks would proceed without bloodshed  so it came as no surprlse to see a wrestling bonus. The introductory bout  nvo involving Barratt and Churchill was rather tame and quickly broken up, but it whetted the appetite for the main challenge of the night between Niskanen and Carroll.                         B.S.
STAR RATINGS    *** A. Lavety    ** WeIr/NIskanen  *Stevenson

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