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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered


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The 1966/67 Program was a very professional, if limited,four page program.The front page listed the opponents while the centre pages were a players and scorers grid . The back page gave an up dated league table and details of the next home fixture
  Although more home produced, 1967/68 Programs benefitted considerably from the editorial pages which gave Dynamos news in some detail.
The1968-71 programs were really just team sheets typed on A4 paper although earlier editions had a full page of Dynamos news on the reverse and as such were good value for their 3d. In later years the news section was discontinued
The1971-72 version was again  pocketed sized program and featured the same type face as used by the Ice Hockey Herald, suggesting it was produced by the same editor. Apart from a rather naff shield cdesign on the cover, it was a pretty fair production. Incidentally the same style was used by Paisley once they shared Crossmyloof. However if you think this was a poor cover how about Murrayfields early 70s coverwhich takes some beating at the bottom of the "artistic impression" pile!