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Robert Stevenson

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Robert Stevenson

April 2011  - Great News!!
Robert Stevenson has been inducted into the British Hockey Hall of Fame!
This news has given great pleasure to hockey people all around the World! and it is perhaps fitting that close to the fortieth anniversary of his emigration to Australia, he has been honoured.
I have received messages of congratulation for Robert from as far as Haiti, and even Edinburgh
Dave Sinclair, currently overseeing humanitarian work in Haiti writes
Great news for Robert, well deserved and not before time and I am aware you have similar feelings in this regard. 


Delighted to hear it - long overdue.
Bernard Stocks

Great News. Very happy and proud of Robert. Well deserved & about time time some of the home legends are getting their recognition. A great guy, one of the best all rounder's I ever played with along with the rest of the Stevenson's.

Freddie Wood.


Robert's induction in 2011

Robert with the Melbourne 55+ trophy May 2011

The case for Robert's induction made in 2007
I am not one for campaigns or crusades - "Ban the Bomb", entry to the EU,
Poll Tax and Global Warming have all passed without so much as a ripple.
The only thing to upset me, with the possible exception of the imminent
demolition of the Centrum Centre in my adopted home town of Ayr, is the
fact that Robert Stevenson has never been inducted into the British Hockey
Hall of Fame.
I don't intend to denigrate any of the inductees but would suggest that Robert's
record not only stands comparison with the best of them, but in most cases
well exceeds them. I dont have detailed records of his Paisley days but would
suggest he was certainly one of the stalwarts of the time. His record with the
Dynamos has been chronicled and is listed below

Top Scorers 1966-71 GP  G  A Pts
Robert Stevenson  121 256 168 424
Lawrie Lovell  129 198 219 417 
Derek Reilly  134 245 97  342 
Terry Matthews  110 202 122 324 
Alistair Brepnan  124 160 106 272 
Les Lovell  99 117 137 254 
Alistair McCrae  122 131 118 249 
Pete Johnson  112 151 97  248 
Jackson McBride  112 119 108 227 
Kepny Matthews  111 114 89  203 
Hep Tindale 82 113 85  198 
Joe Baird  100 121 73  194 
Willie Kerr  133 72 90  162 
Ron Stark  80 98 59  157 
Billy Lavety 105 85 67  152 
Billy Miller  116 79 69  148 
Barrie Stevenson  74 93 38  131 
Norrie Boreham  120 78 48  126 
Jim Pearson  100 69 57  126 
Keith Havery 109 79 37  116 
111 74 42  116 



                                     GP      W         L         D     F     A      PTS

Murrayfield Racers       137       99       30        8    929  475   206

Paisley Mohawks . .     102.      77.      19        6    664  360   160

Glasgow Dynamos       128       62       55       11   699  626   135

Whitley Warriors         121       51       55       15    710 736   117

DurhamWasps             117      37       66        14   606 746     88

Fife Flyers                   114      32       71        11   527  689   75

Ayr Bruins                    76      25       49          2    321 470    52

Dundee Rockets           35      17       16          2    162 181    36

EdinbUrgh Royals '        20      6        13          1      89 128    13

Whitley Bay Bandits     19        4        12         3      88 146     11

Perth Blackhawks          13      1        11         1       32 113     3

Paisley Vikings              11      0         11 ,       0        5. 151     0

1967/68 Autumn Cup 10 22 12 34 24
1968/69 Northern League 10 24 17 41 8
1968/69 Autumn Cup 10 17 7 24 6
1969/70 Northern League 17 41 29 70 2
1970/71 Northern League 7 18 9 27 28
1970/71 Autumn Cup 13 31 12 43 10
67 153 86 239 78

(Article from Icy Hockey Herald No 24 3 April 1971)
Robert Stevenson, the brilliant 31 year old centre ice and coach of' Glasgow Dynamos, is to take up a semi-professional playing and coaching job in, Melbourne, Australia, with the local Tigers. That was the news item which burst upon hockey circles last week.
The situation was set up by Davie Sinclair, former Dynamo right winger, who emigrated to Australia in 1968. Davie first of all established unofficially that his former coach and close friend would be interested.Thereafter the Melbourne club followed up with an official offer, which "Stevie" quickly accepted.
A prominent condition of the agreement was that Stevenson should get full clearance from the International Ice Hockey Associa tion. This suggests that Australia may be planning a return to the World Championships, spear-headed by this year's top Britsh scorer.
The Australian season opens in May, and Robert together with his wife Eleanor and their four children will be leaving early in April, immediately they have sold their house and clearedup their affairs in this country. An outstanding stickhandler and playmaker, Stevie will perhaps best be remembered in the years to come as the man to whom scoring goals was as easy as falling off a log. . Even as a thirteen year old with Glasgow Mohawks he received frequent tellings off from the late Jim Kenny for scoring too many goals and not concentrating enough on playmaking.
Since the start of the Northern League he has tallied 253 goals and 168 assists in official games alone - an average of just under four points - per game, well ahead of his nearest rivals, Lawrie Lovell and Derek Reilly.
As a coach his record speaks for itself for Dynamos are the third most successful team in the circuit since 1966, having won the 'Icy Smith' Cup once and been losing finalists on two occasions and winning the Championship play-offs last year. And this with perhaps the least experienced team in the League.
Speculation is rife as to who will succeed Stevenson as the Dynamos' coach. The obvious and ideal choice is Billyc Brennan, but the former Mohawk mentor is very much tied up with youth club work, and may not be inclined to shoulder the extra responsibility or indeed find the necessary time to take on added commitments. Should this be the case, there may well be a shock appointment by the Glasgow Committee.

STEVIE STARTS WITH A BANG! (Hockey Herald Article)
From Australia comes the news that Bobby Stevenson has started where he 1eft off in Scotland -as top scorer. Although missing the first five games, and without a goal in hIs first game whichahe played within 24 hours of getting off the plane, he was top goal scorer by the end of his third game, and had 23 goals in his first seven outings!
Ice hockey is catching on in Aussie. Last season there was only one rlnk in Melbourne, from which no less than SEVEN teams operated. Two new rInks were opened recently, and there is talk of another. Meantime the teams have been spread around, with TIgers (Stevie's club), Monarchs and Demons remaining at the original St. MorItz rink, Rangers and Pirates at Ringwood, and Hakoah and Blackhawks at the Olympic.
In a long and newsy letter from Bobby recently, he sent me this message for Herald readers, and for any players who may be considering emigration. " Any hockey player who is interested in seeIng this side of the world wlll be helped In every possible way, i.e. job, flat and friends. They will earn twIce as much money here as,at home. Flats are plentIful and modern. Food and clothes are about the same prIce as at home, but the food is superIor. Cars are reasonable, and petrol nearly half the prIce, roughly 5 gallons for 1.The weather is just great and very healthy. If anyone is interested they can  wrIte to me and I wIll sponsor them. Davie SInclaIr is comIng home, and looklng forward to playIng for Dynamos once agaIn - he can tell anyone ~he details of life and hockey here."