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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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I intend to take a "Leaf" out of Toronto's book - sorry about that!! - and go for Honoured Numbers rather than Retired Numbers.
3 Neil MacLennan
5 Jimmy Hall
6 Allan Lavety
7 Robert Stevenson/ Martin Shields
12 John Hester
13 Jak Bestle
17 Kenny McKie
19 Bill Kirk
The Dynamos beat me to it!
Club Honours Jimmy, John and Martin
The club recently decided to honour three members of the Dynamos who have, over a substantial number of years, given outstanding service in the red , white and blue - Jimmy Hall, John Hester and Martin Shields.
Prsentations of engraved tankards were made to John Hester and Martin Shields between the periods in last weeks game, although Jimmy Hall's pre match injury and subsequent hospital visit prevented the defenceman from receiving his trophy.
Due to the poor quality of the PA system at the game and Jimmy's enforced absence, the awards will be re-presented during tonights match. The Club are sure you will join with them in saluting three outstanding ice hockeyplayers.
From Dynamos program of12/10/85