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While hockey has been played on and off at various times since Crossmyloof opened in 1929, I’ll leave it to others to produce a definitive history and just concentrate on the two seasons immediately prior to the Dynamos first season in the Intermediate League in 1966/67.For those interested in the pre war history of the Glasgow Mohawks and the other teams who called Crossmyloof home, I'd recommend "Frozen in Time-The Lost History of Scottish Ice Hockey 1895- 1940" by William Marshall

My source of the somewhat disjointed list of scores, scorers and events listed below is the “Speedway Star and News”, a weekly magazine devoted, as its name suggests, to Speedway racing. Glasgow’s team were my beloved “Tigers” who raced at the White City stadium in Paisley Road West and also Hampden Park and Shawfield amongst other venues, and currently race at Ashfield in the north of the city. The “Speedway Star” cover included “incorporating Ice Hockey” in its title in the first half of the 1960s but somewhat ironically dropped it when it stopped covering hockey at the time the Intermediate League was formed in September 1966.

While scores and sometimes scorers are given for games, very few show the actual date on which the game was played and I have listed the date of the magazine containing the details. Generally the game would have been played either the previous weekend or in some instances two weeks previously.



Wembley Lions 7 (Murray3;Bremner, Haines, Mason, McDermid) Glasgow Flyers 0

Willie Clark played in goal for Flyers and despite the score had an excellent game. This game was played on 7/11/64



Ayr Rangers 17 Glasgow Flyers 1(Baird)

Durham Wasps 17 Glasgow Flyers 1 (Crenn)


Blackpool Seagulls 6 (Holland 2; Tattersall 2; Eaves, Harris)  -  played on 21/11/64

Glasgow Flyers 5 (Sheppard 2; Perry, Casey, Baird)



Durham Wasps 8 Glasgow Flyers 0

Durham Wasps 14 Glasgow Flyers 0

Murrayfield Racers 16 Glasgow Flyers 0



Brighton Tigers 20 Glasgow Flyers 5 (Brown 3; Holden, Morris)   (6-1; 5-5; 9-0)



“Glasgow Flyers will not be playing in England for the second half of the season”…and they didn’t!!



Ayr Rangers 10 Glasgow Flyers1 (Flight)

Fife Flyers 18 Glasgow Flyers 5 (Brown 2, Baird, Bott, Hogg)





A “Scottish League” was formed comprising of  Fife, Edinburgh, Paisley, Ayr, Durham, Brighton and Wembley but sadly with no Glasgow representation.

The only game featuring the Glasgow Flyers for which details have been found is the away defeat at Blackpool in late October 1965, which the Seagulls won 11-2. Flyers scorers were Frank Burns and Ross Morris.



“Application for BIHA membership was received from Glasgow Dynamos” – note the name change.



“next season the Crossmyloof Dynamos will definitely play in the British League from Glasgow” – again a different team name and the league is now British rather than Scottish!






Dave Sinclair remembers
My memory is a wee bit hazy but here goes. Gus Munroe was the Dynamos Coach at the outset who came along with a number of players who were around in the days of the former Glasgow Mohawks who played at Crossmyloof Ice Rink in the 1950s'. Players like Glen Perry, Jim Diamond, Danny Ballantyne, Charlie Moyer, Freddie Soulis. We also had a few players from Paisley including Robert Ormond and Frank Burns. The rest of the team were all relatively inexperienced young guys in our teens and early 20s' like myself. The amazing and wonderful Sam Stevenson was the team manager ably assisted by Ellis Firestone as our trainer/medic and 'Pinky' as trainer/equipment man. 
Our first games were all on a parochial basis as the team had little funds to allow us to travel south of the border. Home and away games were against Paisley Mohawks, Ayr Bruins, Edinburgh Racers, Fife Flyers and Dundee Rockets. All of the early games we played were on a 'friendly' basis before being accepted as a team in the 'Northern League' at the start of the following season. Robert Stevenson joined the Dynamos as player coach and we moved up from second gear to overdrive as a team to be reckoned with and we created more than a few surprise results in the early 'Norther League' games. Robert had in a relatively short period of time, the ability not only to be a coach who knew exactly what he could obtain from each player in the team but also to be a very good friend to all of us off the ice surface. This is in my opinion what really formed the bond between the players of the early Dynamo team of 1966 and beyond.