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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Dundee Rockets 12 Dynamos 1
This was carnival time in Dundee with the Rockets easily taking the one point they needed for the title. Dynamos were seldom given the chance to raise any hopes of coming up with a shock and the mighty home support - estimated at over 1500 - settled down to enjoy the goal rush. At times the occasion seemed to over awe the visitors more than a tense home squad and minors came thick and fast and goal hungry Rockets cashed in. The home men cruised to a 3-0 lead in the first, made it seven by the 35th minute before Hester killed the shut out for an almost unemployed Ward in the home cage. Dundee went on to score a further five without reply in the last session and at the end the fans warmly acclaimed Rockets first major success.
Dundee : Spence (3); Mazur (2); McDonald (2); Reilly' Kinmond; Stewart; G Reid; M Reid:
Dynamos : Hester
Report from UK Ice Hockey Herald No 53

Jimmy spence fires home Dundee's sixth goal
Dynamos include John Grant, Martin Shields and Barry Stevenson