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From the Dundee Sporting Pot

                                              P     G     A     Pts    PiM        
Autumn Cup 1971/72     10    14    3      17       95    
Doug scored 5 goals  in his first six games but cut loose over the next four, which sadly proved to be his last, scoring a further nine goals despite incurring 62 penalty minutes in these games!
Readers Mailbag Ice Hockey Herald Number 30 27 Nov 1971
Dear Sir
               I have watched ice hockey for a number of years now, and during that time have mainly been a Paisley Mohawks supporter, but I have never witnessed such a disgraceful display of sportsmanship by any team towrads any one player, as was shown by Mohawks towards Dynamos' Doug Cameron last Sunday.
Although a lot of it was brought on by himself, he did not deserve to be practically mauled by three Mohawks and to have a netminders stick thrown at him. I can only say that I'm thoroughly disgusted by the actions of the Mohawks and i hope they will show a little more sense and think twice before doing this sort of thing again.
Yours etc  ONE DISGUSTED HOCKEY FAN (name and address supplied)
(Editors Note: Big Doug looks well able to take care of himself and, as I have said elsewhere, looks like becoming quite a character in the League. He's a hard player, who has come through a hard school of hockey in Canada, and I wouldn't say that mohawks were unduly harsh towards him. He'll get a lot worse treatment before the season is over - and I bet he'll still come up smiling)
I have often wondered if this letter was for real, but am sure editor Bernard stocks checked out the writers name and address before printing it. As I remember Doug not only gave as good as he got but added a fair bit of interest too - and compound interest at that!!
Doug himself remembers
As I recall the incident mentioned in
the letter: I got in a scuffle right in
front of the Paisley bench and two of
their players reached over the boards
and grabbed me from behind. Fortunately
for me, the chap (I've totally forgotten his
name now) that did the door security
sprinted over from his position at the
entrance and hauled them off me and
I think a few other supporters joined
in as well. Great fun! I think I had a
total of about six fights in the games
I played for the Dynamos.