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Dynamos 8 Fife Flyers 6



Report by Farquhar Matheson (Ice Hockey Herald No 7 October 1969).

Ah well,how wrong can you be? I went to this match expecting Glasgow fresh from their win at Murrayfield, to swamp this Flyers side.

Indeed, the early play seemed to bear this out when for nearly ten minutes Dynamos rained rubber on Taylor. Then, with the visitors first shot on the goal, Hunter scored, and the whole Flyers team changed their attitude and proceeded to take the game to the opposition.

The one each scoreline at the end of the first period gave no indication of the increased rate of scoring to come, the pick of the bunch being a beautiful first timer by Billy Lavety to complete his hat-trick, and a wonderful, three man move for Fife's third goal. .

Finally the firepower supplied by B. Stevenson and W. Lavety (a hat trick apiece) won the game for Dynamos. But Flyers need not be downhearted, for on, this display, with a resolute defence in M'Intosh, Medd and Horne, and their young forwards beginning to skate freely and with confidence, things look brighter for the Kirkcaldy club. Both Glasgow's young goalminders looked unsteady on occasion, though with Kenny Horne firing pucks that they probably didn't see they had some reason for being jittery.

In contrast at the other end Taylor looked a very good prospect. This match once again bore out my impression that though lacking the finesse of older hands like R. Stevenson and J. M'Intosh, the -big influx to the game of young players with their go-go attitude is making for fast and exciting hockey.

However, one moan -the refereeing, which left a lot to be desired. Now I appreciate the difficulty one referee has in controlling a game, but that surely does not excuse two-line passes and icing going unchecked, in fact Bob Stevenson scored his goal after picking up an iced puck which had touched the back boards.

Star Ratings: *** Horne; ** W. Lavety; * Jim Taylor.



1) Flyers: - Hunter (Petrie) 9.13. 

2) Dynamos: -B. Stevenson (Hester) 14.45.

Pens: W. Lavety (D), Crooks (F).


3) Flyers: - Petrie (Hunter) 28.40. 

4) Dynamos: - R.Stevenson (W. Lavety) 29.10

5) Dynamos: - B. Stevenson 29.45.

6). Flyers: - John Taylor (M'Intosh, Crombie).

7). Dynamos: - Churchill (R. Stevenson) .37.35.

Pens: Simpson (F), Crombie (F), Shields (D).


8) Flyers: - John Taylor 40.48.

9) Dynamos: -W. Lavety (R. Stevenson) 42.05

10) Dynamos: - B." Stevenson (.D. Lavety) 42.47

11) Dynamos: -W. Lavety 45.17.

12) Flyers: -Hunter (Petrie) 45.50

13) Flyers: -Hunter (Horne) 56.47

14). Dynamos: -W. Lavety (A. Lavety, R. Stevenson) 58.25


SHOTS ON GOAL:   M'Glynn (Dynamos)      2 -  5    = 7 (2 g.oals) ,

                                       M'Cafferty (Dnmos)     - 9    5  =14 (4 goals}.

                                       Taylor (Flyers)             12 8 13 =33