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Robert Stevenson

Paisley Mohawks 3   Dynamos 9   19 Apr  70    Play Offs Semi 2nd Leg

Report by Farquhar Matheson – IceHockey Herald No15 – June 1970

Two fine saves by Newall were the feature of the opening minutes. Then, with A Lavety in the box and the Paisley rearguard too attack mined, R Stevenson streaked away, outpacing the chasing defenders and laid the puck in front of brother Barry who flipped it past the defenceless Newall. Then came a spate of minors culminating with A Lavety returning to the fray too soon – a mistake that went unpunished – and Glasgow scored another goal. Although Hawks might claim that it should not have been a goal, the way the match was running, I don’t think it had any bearing on the ultimate result.

The second frame did not bring the expected Paisley revival, and for them it was a period of woe. They lost four more goals, G Miller with a recurrence of ligament trouble, Tait with a cut mouth, made elementary mistakes in front of their won goal, missed what chances they did have and were consistently out classed and out played

by a much superior Glasgow side.

The last period was but thirty seconds old when Falconer broke Nelson’s shut out with a superb goal and shortly after Brennan made it 6-2. Then W Lavety and Hester (2) made it nine before W Miller notched the final goal. Reid, who performed most competently on his comeback, received a match misconduct for derisively disputing a minor.

Compared to previous games between the teams this was a big let down. Dynamos were slick moving and enterprising whereas Mohawks seem jaded and McCrae looked anything but fit

Star Ratings

***  R Stevenson

**    A Brennan

*      Shields