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Dynamos  4     Fife Flyers  5  (OT)   31 Oct 71   Icy Smith Cup


The excitement came late in this one. Were it not for some fine stick-handling by Lovell on the one side and Thomson (who took his goal magnificently) on the other the match would have had little to recommend it.

The first period was pretty tame, and even a punch-up between Shields and Hunter instilled nom sense of urgency in either side. The only goal of the period came from J Taylor. Right at the start of the second, Hester equalised with a tremendous shot from the blue line and Dynamos hit their best spell of the game to lead 3-1, Lovell pulling one back just before the break to make it 3-2.

It was nearly all Flyers during the last period and they regained the lead through Muir and Lovell. The real excitement came in the last two minutes. Medd was given two for slashing and Dynamos took off McKay to ice six forwards, but the chance to finish it fell to Lovell who missed an empty net. On the break, Hunter was penalised for charging and Fife were down to three men against six. Amid tremendous excitement Dynamos hit the bar and with ten seconds left Sinclair equalised.

So on to sudden death – first goal to clinch it.  Dynamos piled on the pressure and Thomson stick handled clear but shot wide. Immediately Hunter fastened on to the clearance, got clean away and shot under McKay to finish it  all in two minutes of extra time.


Star Ratings:

***  Lovell

**    A Lavety

*      Thomson


Report by Farquhar Matheson – IceHockey Herald No29 – November 1971

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