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Fife Flyers  8 Dynamos  3      9 Oct 71   Autumn cup


Dynamos:  Laird, McCrone; Connor, A Lavety, Murray, Purcell; Shields, Hall, Thomson, Callaghan, Hester, Allan, Docherty:


Fife: Jim Taylor; Simpson, Medd, Horne, Cargill, G Taylor; J Taylor, Hunter, Lovell,Boreham, Muir, Crombie, Dunbar:


First Period

1) Dynamos : A Lavety (Hester)  14.20

2) Flyers : Horne  19.45

Pens: Connor


Second Period

3) Flyers : Muir (Boreham)  23.45

4) Flyers : Lovell  36.50

Pens: Hester


Third Period

5) Flyers : Horne  40.50

6) Dynamos : Purcell (Shields)  45.50

7) Flyers : Boreham  48.15

8) Flyers : Hunter (G Taylor)  49.42

9) Flyers : Muir (Crombie)  53.10

10) Flyers : Lovell (Hunter)  55.00

11) Dynamos : Purcell (Hester)  56.45

Pens: Medd


Shots on Goal               1          2          3        Total

McCrone (Dynamos)     -           -          9             9

Laird (Dynamos)          11        18         6            35

Taylor  (Flyers)              8           5          9          22




Anyone who thought that Dynamos had arrived as lambs to the slaughter (and I must confess that included this scribe) had a rude awakening , as for nearly two periods the Glasgow boys skated and checked Flyers out of their stride. A peach of a goal as A Lavety bulleted home a Hester pass opened the score, but, although Horne equalised before the first interval, few would at that stage have given very long odds on an eventual home win.

Flyers finally went into the lead in the second period through Boreham and a strangely quiet Lovell, and the increasing activity around Lairds cage was a sign of things to come. Coach Young reshuffled his lines to put Crombie between Muir and Boreham, and the youngsters hustle and stick handling started to bring out the best in his more experienced wingers.

Although the final period saw the Fife superiority confirmed, they weren’t able to relax until five minutes from the end , and even then, when leading 8-2, they were warned by Purcell’s second goal of the evening that Dynamos still carried a sting.

Flyers again emphasised that they will be a power in the land this season. For