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Murrayfield Racers 14 Dynamos  1      24 Oct 71   Autumn cup


Dynamos:  McKay; D Lavety, Murray, Connor, A Lavety, Purcell; Shields, Sinclair, Thomson, Carroll, Callaghan, Hester, Allan, Docherty:


Murrayfield: Clark ; Grieve, Hay,  Inglis, Kirk, G Reilly; Colvin, Law Lovell, D Reilly, Kerr, Waugh,  Archibald, Hare, McMillan:



First Period

1) Racers : D Reilly (Inglis)  1.43

2) Racers : Kerr (Hare)  1.50

3) Racers : Hare  10.04

4) Racers : Lovell  17.12

Pens: Hester, A Lavety


Second Period

5) Racers : Inglis (Lovell)  20.15

6) Racers : D Reilly (Lovell)  20.34

7) Racers : Kerr (Kirk)  23.55

8) Racers : McMillan (Lovell, Inglis)  26.08

9) Racers : Colvin (Kerr)  28.35

Pens: Shields, A Lavety


Third Period

10) Racers : Lovell  52.15

11) Racers : Kerr (Hare)  52.34

12) Racers : Lovell (D Reilly)  54.25

13) Racers : D Reilly  (Inglis)  55.32

14) Racers : Colvin (Hare)  57.50

15) Dynamos : Shields (Thomson)  59.15

Pens: A Lavety, Inglis



Murrayfield Racers took the ice before their biggest crowd of the season and proceeded to celebrate by beating their old rivals, the Dynamos, by a handsome thirteen goal margin. Racers opened the scoring within two minutes with Reilly being the marksman, and further goals from Kerr, Hare and Lovell gave the Edinburgh side a four goal lead at the first interval.

In the second period, Reilly, Kerr, McMillan and Colvin all added to Racers tally. From midway through this period to after the change round in the final frame Racers found McKay in the Dynamos nets unbeatable, and it was not until the last eight minutes that the Murrayfield men again found a way past him.

Lovell, Kerr and Reilly all completed hat-tricks, while new boy Colvin scored Racers fourteenth and final goal. With just fifteen seconds tf the match remaining, Shields broke Clark’s shut out while Racers were short handed, Inglis having been penalised for tripping.


Report from the   Ice Hockey Herald No29  Nov 1971