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Ayr Bruins  9 Dynamos  1      12 Sep 71   Charlie Bell Trophy


Dynamos:  Mccrone; D Lavety, A Lavety, Murray, Docherty, Ballantyne; Thomson, Carroll, Allan, Shields, Hester, Callaghan:


Ayr: Logan, Reid; Pyper, Dempster, McIntosh, Hendrie;Young, Baird, McBride, McCord, Mccrae,Kubicek, Speirs, Gibson, Roxburgh:


First Period

1) Bruins : Baird (McBride)

2) Dynamos : Docherty (Shields)

3) Bruins : Baird (McBride)

4) Bruins : Baird (McBride, Young)

Pens: McBride


Second Period

5) Bruins : Baird (McBride, McIntosh)

6) Bruins : Mccrae (Brennan, McCord)

7) Bruins : Young (McBride, Baird)

Pens: Kubicek


Third Period

8) Bruins : Mccrae (Kubicek)

9) Bruins : Dempster  

10) Bruins : Mccrae (Hendrie)

Pens: Kubicek, McBride(5), D Lavety(5), Hendrie(5), Shields(5), Brennan


Shots on Goal               1          2          3        Total

Mccrone (Dynamos)    17        21         20         58

Reid  (Bruins)               -          11          6          17

Logan  (Bruins)            12         -           5           17




Apart from Reid, McIntosh and Baird, all well known to the local fans, Bruins introduced a newcomer in husky fifteen year old Stan Kubicek, who did enough to prove that once fully fit he will be a big asset to the side.

Joe Baird notched no fewer than four goals, to prove that he is still a dangerman around the nets, while Al McCrae notched a hat-trick and Jackson McBride had five assists.  No one tried harder than skipper Jimmy Young, who near skated himself into the ice.

Mccrone, deputising for the injured Laird in the Glasgow nets, acquitted himself well, although he blotted his copybook somewhat when allowing a redliner from Dempster to go through his legs. All credit to him though for a quick recovery after a Brennan special had knocked his facemask off.

Both teams tried to play open attractive hockey and the difference between them was the greater experience of the Bruins. But praise these young Dynamos who never gave up trying although the tide was running against them.