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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Robert Stevenson

Durham Wasps 9 Dynamos 2
Dynamos scorers : Taylor;  Baird
Durham Scorers :  Stark 5; Tindale 2; Brown ; Greenwell
Robert Stevenson's assist is his 100th point of the season (55G+45 A) 
Dynamos finish third in the league behind Paisley and Murrayfield.
They have 51points ahead of Durham (47) and Whitley Bay (45)
Daily Mail
The Ice Hockey Herald Annual 1968/9 shows the leading team in the leaguetable for 1966/67 as
Paisley 55; Murrayfield 51 and Glasgow 43 - from 32 games. This suggests that a team had been expelled from the league - possibly for failing to complete their fixtures - and their records expunged. Dundee Rockets or Perth Blackhawks?