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Dynamos 8 Paisley Mohawks 5
Report by Farquhar Matheson (Ice Hockey Herald No 10 January 1970).
This really was Entertainment with a capital E, and must have been the most exciting match at Crossmyloof for a long time. Right from the face-off it was obvious that both teams were going to play it hard, and after Falconer had given the Mohawks an early lead everyone on the ice gotb involved in a punch-up to thre right of the Paisley goal. The instigators, Hysert and Collins  each got a major but amazingly no-one else was sent to the cooler.
From then on play raged from end to end, with each team getting goal about until the score was tied at four each. Then W Lavety scored twice to give thev Dynamos a lead which 'Hawks this time could not pull back, even though Miller had two chances from which he failed to score .
Dynamos finished more strongly and ran out deserved winners , with Barry Stevenson giving his best ever display. Piasley obviously missed ther star centre, McCrae, and therefore had to rely on individual bursts, whereas Dynamos produced some fine man to man plays. Though maybe too frequently interspersed - for the purist- with bouts of fisticuffs and over aggressive play , I am sure that few of those present will want to miss the next clash between those two teams. After all, hockey is a body contact sport, and to get involved in a punch up does not automatically make you a hooligan. As Gordie Howe once said "If you don't retaliate the opposition think you're soft !"
Star Ratings *** Barry Stevenson; ** Weir; * W Lavety