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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Dynamos 29  Sheffield Sabres 3  (10-0; 7-2; 12-1)
Dynamos Scorers ;
Kirk 8+7; Magnusson 6+9; Bestle 4+14; Stevenson 4+2; Gough 3+0; Shields 2+4; Wilson 1+5; Hall 1+4; Smith 0+4; B McEwan 0+2; Rodger 0+2:
Sheffield Scorers :
Havenhand 1+0; McNeil 1+0; Legdon 1+0; Dawson 0+1; Serafinski 0+1:
Sheffields lack of match practice showed in a very one sided match.... Kirk opened the floodgates at 1.04...Sabres already 0-12 down when Legdon scored at 23.30
Anderson (Dynamos)   10 shots    2 goals
Matassa   (Dynamos)     2 shots    1 goal
Havenhand (Sheffield)  55 shots  17 goals
McGarrigle (Sheffield)  25 shots  12 goals
Dynamos  15
Sheffield   10
A cold foggy night with a mist hanging over the ice. Spectators staying to the end deserve a medal. No one leaving thought that we would never be back at Crossmyloof...but we weren't! The roof literally fell in a few days later and Crossmyloof closed..forever. still sadly missed, more than a quarter of a century later.