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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Dynamos 5 Ayr Bruins 4
Nelson: McCafferety, Purcell, A Lavety (Capt), D Lavety: R Stevenson; W Lavety, Carroll, Allan,Hester,Doherty, Shields:
Bruins :
Logan: Tierney, Pyper, Christie, Hendrie, Dempster: J Young (Capt) McWilliam, Alexander, McBride,D Young, Baird, Thomson.
J Wilson
1) Dynamos : R Stevenson (W Lavety) 2.39
2) Bruins      : J Young 8.29
3) Dynamos : W Lavety (R Stevenson) 19.07
Penalties Hendrie, J Young
4) Dynamos : A Lavety (R Stevenson) 23.17
5) Dynamos : D Lavety (W Lavety,R Stevenson) 33.24
6) Dynamos : Purcell (R Stevenson) 39.12
Penalties  McCafferty, A Lavety, W Lavety
7) Bruins      : Baird (J Young, Christie)  44.47
8) Bruins      : Baird (J Young , McBride) 51.22
9) Bruins      : Thomson (J Young, McBride)  58.28
Penalties  Thomson
Shots on Goal
Nelson   2    6    10   =  18
Logan    10  17    8   =  35

18.1.70 “Where’s Your Specs – Ref?” Report from Ayrshire Advertiser Jan 1970

Glasgow Dynamos 5 Ayr Bruins 4

Bruins staged a tremendous comeback from 5-1 down and could claim that they were robbed of a draw after netting twice. The referee claimed he had lost sight of the puck and did not see the goals.

Stevenson put Glasgow ahead after three minutes but Jimmy Young raced away from his own end to score with a tremendous cross shot that Nelson did not see until it hit the net.

Just before the end of the period W Lavety scored from a face off in the Ayr end to put Dynamos 2-1 up.

The second period saw further goals from D Lavety, A Lavety and Purcell to put Glasgow 5-1 ahead. Bruins were struggling to get going but could not get any results when they approached the Glasgow goal.

In the third period Logan in the Bruins net was playing brilliantly and making some fantastic saves. He inspired his team and captain Jimmy young led the revival assisting McBride to help Joe Baird score twice.

It was at this stage that Bruins were robbed of a goal. A shot by Dempster was in and back out. Alexander netted again to make sure but the referee claimed he had not seen it go in.

Bruins were more determined and it was no surprise when J Young sent Thomson in to make it 5-4.

Going all out for an equaliser, they just failed when the game ended with Baird about to score.

A good result for Bruins as Glasgow are second top of the league and have only been beaten at home by top of the league Murrayfield Racers.


Ayr – G Logan; A Pyper, S Hendrie, N Christie, F Dempster; J Young, D Young, J Baird, J McBride, J Alexander, J Thomson, A McWilliam, J Tierney:

Glasgow – G Hysert; A Lavety, J Purcell, F Soulis, D Lavety; W Lavety, R Stevenson, Callaghan, Churchill, Shields, Carroll, Allan, Hester

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