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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Ayr Bruins 3 Dynamos 5 
Grant: McCafferety, Ballantyne,Purcell, A Lavety, D Lavety: Soulis (Capt) R Stevenson; W Lavety, Carroll, Allan, Murray,Doherty, Shields:
Bruins :
Logan: Tierney, Pyper, Christie, Hendrie, Dempster: Roxburgh,
J Young (Capt) McWilliam, Alexander, McBride, Moreland, Baird, Thomson.
H Smith
1) Bruins      : McBride (J Young)  11.47
Penalties Purcell,Pyper
2) Dynamos : Carroll (Purcell) 25.58
3) Dynamos : W Lavety (R Stevenson, A Lavety) 34.32
4) Dynamos : R Stevenson 35.10
Penalties  Baird
5) Bruins      : McBride (J Young, Dempster)  41.15
6) Bruins      : Hendrie  44.35
7) Dynamos : R Stevenson (Soulis) 49.05
8) Dynamos : R Stevenson) 56.05
Penalties A Lavety, McBride, Purcell

8.2.70 Ten players Swop Punches – Report from Ayrshire Advertiser Feb 1970

Ayr Bruins 3 Glasgow Dynamos 5

Third top Dynamos just edged out Bruins in a fast end-to-end game. The main difference between the teams was Glasgow coach Robert Stevenson who is the leagues leading goal scorer. He was in brilliant form, notching the decisive goals for his club.

Only Bruin revealing true form was goaltender George Logan who was right on form with some brilliant catching and daring saves at opponents feet.

McBride gave Bruins the lead at the first interval but first Carroll then W Lavety and Stevenson put Dynamos 3-1 up. McBride reduced the leeway and then Hendrie made it 3-3.

Bruins paid the penalty for slack covering when Stevenson made it 4-3. A scramble for the puck minutes later saw Stevenson poke it home at the third attempt. Bruins roared back. Young hit the post and then uproar as ten players downed sticks and swapped punches. When the referee sorted it out, two players from each team were given penalties.

With this happening, any chance of pulling level was gone as Glasgow played time out confidently.

Bruins – G Logan; A Pyper, N Christie, F Dempster; J Young, J Baird, J McBride, J Alexander, J Thomson, A McWilliam, Roxburgh, McCord, Morland:

Glasgow – J Grant; A Lavety, F Soulis, D Ballantyne, J McCafferty; W Lavety, R Stevenson, D Lavety, W Murray , M Shields, R Carroll, B Allan, :



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