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Dynamos 4 Murrayfield Racers 10

Report by Farquhar Matheson (Ice Hockey Herald No 21, 30 January 1971).

Glasgow Dynamos 4  Murrrayield Racers 10
Report by Farquhar Mathieson (Ice Hockey Herald No 21  30 January 1971).
This was a fast entertaining match, and despite the final score it wasnot until ten minutes from the end that interest sagged. . Up till then, even with Racers two goals up on aggregate and looking the more composed side, Dynamos were always in with a chance.
The first period was pretty even and Racers just deserved,their 2-1 lead at the interval. They hit Dynamos with two in a minute at the start of the second, but jupst as quickly B. Stevenson made it 4-3.
Racers then took  command and slammed in three more, including a real beauty from Glen Reilly,and it was not until the end of the'period that Dynamos got back into the game. Glasgow pressed almost continuously during the final frame, but on fast breakaways Racecrs took their total to ten.
This was another fine display from Racers. For Dynamos, however it was a night when hard though they tried, that vital spark of inspiration was missing.
STAR RATINGS +++ McMillan ++ Brennan  + Inglis

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