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Dynamos 5 Paisley Mohawks 2

Report by Greg Reade

On the form sbown by the homesters tonight, it is beginning  to look as if their stay in the League cellar will be very much shorter than expected. W.Lavety, returnlng from a serious illness, not only
had a great game and scored three of his side's five goals, but also helped to instil confidence into this young Dynamos' outfit.
It was the 'Comeback Kid' Lavety who scored the opener on a three way play with A. Lavety and Hester.Shields added a second, and from then on Dynamos played with great confidence. Shortly before the first bell, however, Dempsey pulled one back for 'Hawks assisted by Burns.
In the second frame Dynamos maintained thelr slight domlnation but could not afford to relax agaInst a Mohawks crew which looked as if it might catch fire at any moment. W. Lavety added to the Dynamos' score with the period's only goal. Early in the final period W. Lavety scored the goal of the match when he waltzed round the Paisley defence and deked Nelson to complete hls hattrick. Hester added a fifth before Miller wrapped up the scoring.
Overall it was a hard, gruelling game; but one comes to expect this when these two old enemies meet. More important, it was the type of game that attracts the fans, and one call be sure that few of those present wIll miss the next weekend's clash between the two.           
STAR RATINGS *** W Lavety ** McGowan * ShIelds.
The following letter was published in the Ice Hockey Herald about the following week's game when Doug Cameron made his debut.
Dear Sir
I have watched Ice hockey for a number of years now, and, durIng that time  have mainly been a PaIsley Mohawks supporter, but I have never wItnessed such a disgraceful display of sportsmanshlp as was shown by Mohawks towards Dynamos' Doug, Cameron last
Sunday. Although he brought alot of it on himself, he did not deserve to be practically mauled by three Mohawks and to have a netminders stick thrown at him.! I can only ,say that "I'm thoroughly disgusted by the action of these Mohawks and I hope they will show a little more sense and think twice before doing it again..
Yours etc.,ONE DISGUSTED HOCKEY FAN (Name and Address supplied).
Editors note:  Big Doug looks  well able to take care of himself, and as I have said elsewhere looks like becoming quite a character in the league. He's a hard player who has come through a hard school of hockey in Canada, and I wouldn't say that Mohawks were unduly harsh towards him.
He'll get a lot worse treatment  before the season is over - and he'll stIll come up smiling.)

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