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Ayr Bruins 9 Dynamos 7

Report by Frank Dempster
Jackson M'Bride stole the show wIth a fine performance, backed up by big CanadIan  Darrell M'Gregor who Improves with every game, not far behind these two was youngster Jim Roxburgh, who had the crowd roaring him on wIth his electrifying bursts of speed.
John Hester tried hard to get the Dynamos goIng, but he dId not get enough support in the earlier stages of the game.
STAR RATINGS *** M'Br'de ** M'Gregor * Roxburgh/Hester (equal)

REFEREES: D. Cross;  H. Smith.

1. BRUINS M'Bride (Roxburgh) 1.20
2. BRUINS M'Crae (M'Bride) 3.35
3. BRUINS M'Brlde 13.21.
Pens: HIckey

4. DYNAMOS Sinclair (ShIelds) 23.20
5. BRUINS M'Gregor (M'Cord, Miller) 30.50
6. DYNAMOS Carroll 33.15
7. BRUINS M'Bride (Hendrie) 39.25
Pens: M'Brlde

8. DYNAMOS Callaghan (Cameron, Thomson) 41.20
9. BRUINS M'Bride 42.20
10. BRUINS Miller (M'Cord) 43.36
11. DYNAMOS Shields (Hester) 45.30
12. BRUINS M'Crae (Baird, M'Bride) 47.35
13. BRUINS M'Bride 48.20
14. DYNAMOS Hester 49.20
15. DYNAMOS Hester (ShIelds) 51.03
16. DYNAMOS Thomson 59.45
Pens: Cameron, D.Lavety, M'Brlde (5), Sinclair.

SHOTS ON GOAL        1        2       3    Total
Reid (BruIns)                12      20      ~       32
Logan (BruIns)               -         -        9         9
M'Kay (Dynamos)       13      14     18       45

5.12.71 Ayr Bruins 9 Glasgow Dynamos 7 Ayrshire Advertiser Report Dec 1971

McBride Hits Five

Ayr Bruins 9 Glasgow Dynamos 7

Five great goals from Jackson McBride – bringing his total to nine in two games – helped Bruins to record “the double “ over the Glasgow side.

Though minus suspended stars, Jimmy Young and Ally Brennan and the injured Frank Dempster, Bruins showed no sign of any inferiority complex……and took the lead in just three minutes. Jim Roxburgh sent McBride away and he gave Mackay no chance with a fine shot. Three minutes later McBride opened a gap for McCrae to score from close in. On the ten minute mark, with dynamos reeling, McBride scored the third with a fine solo effort.

Bruins put on Logan for Reid at the start of the second period – and he had barely settled in when Sinclair fired a great shot from the wing to reduce the leeway. And it took Bruins until halfway through the period to find the route to goal again. Darrell McGregor crashed a fierce blueliner to complete a neat McCord Miller move. A snapshot from Callaghan gave the Dynamos their second counter but Bruins quickly retaliated and Hendrie set up McBride for his hat trick.

Leading 5-2 at the start of the third period, Bruins lost an early goal through Carroll. That goal heralded a fantastic scoring spree, with six counters coming within ten minutes. Mcbride netted his fourth and miller quickly added another. Shields replied for the visitors but again Bruins hit a quick one- two with McCrae and McBride finding the net to complete the Ayr side’s scoring.

Dynamos’ fifth goal from Hester suggested the Glasgow side might make a fight of it yet – but they left it too late and could only counter with last gasp goals from Hester and Thomson.

Bruins – Logan, Reid; McGregor, McIntosh, Hendrie; McBride, McCrae, McCord, Miller, Roxburgh, Baird: