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Durham Wasps 6 Dynamos 4

Play started at a modest pace, which gave no indication, of what was to come. Robinson  was tested by a shot frnm centre ice before McKay saved well from Stark, the Come Back King, who had a sound hour. HIckeyhad a goal disallowed, and clearly unhappy at the decIsIon the vIsItors besIeged the Durham net for D. Lavety to bang nne home. Smart play by Cameron put hIs name on the score sheet
and Glasgow went 3-0 up when Hester, breakIng quickly down the left, flashed a pass to the rIght for SinclaIr to hIt one of the best goals of the night. However, In the closlng stages of the perIod
P. McDonough netted after some scrappy play around McKay and in the last mInute Thompson made It 2-3.
It was in the middle period that the match really came to life. Fast end-to-end play was hlgh-lighted by Cameron's harassment of the Durham defence, while McKay fingertipped a Stark shot against
the post. Wasps equalised when P. McDonough finished off Lamb's good work. SIx minutes later Lamb made it 4-3. Only seconds before the break trouble blew up, wlth O'Connnor and A. Lavety gettIng
majors and tender Robinson a mIsconduct.
So the last frame began in a flve-a-side basis. Then with Glasgow down to four men Lamb netted Wasps' fifth. An ugly melee developed just before the break and when all was sorted out O'Connor and Hester drew all the penalties. Frankly a good few players on both sldes were distlnctly lucky to get off wIth nothlng. Suffice to say, the last ten minutes were definitely not for the faInt-hearted. Cameron received his third mlnor for a rather vlcious cross check. Brown made it 6-3 two mInutes from time and in the last mlnute Thomson pulled one back for the Scots. In the dyIng seconds J Barrass and SInclaIr came to blows.
Cameron's speed, positional sense and stIck-handlIng earn him the three star spot, but he would be a better player still if he left the rough stuff to others and got on wIth the game.                              R.T;

*** Cameron    **: P McDonough * Adamson.

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