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Ayr Bruins 3 Dynamos 4

A dlsappointing performance by a Bruins sIde that hIt rockbottom. The eager Dynamos chased every puck and were rewarded by a well deserved narrow victory. At once stage in the game, round about the mIdway poInt, BruIns dId look as though they were begInnIng to settle, but the rhythm was upset when Brennan and BaIrd left the bench and headed fnr the dressingroom. They took no further part in the match.
WIth only one goal in it BruIns withdrew netminder Newall in the final mlnute and threw everything into attack. They were most unlucky not to snatch a draw when a Dempster shot hit the post but stayed out.        F.D.

STAR RATINGS *** Newall ** Slnclalr/M'Cain (equal) * Ml'ntosh
Dynamos Scorers : Thomson; Shields; D Lavety; B Stevenson

23.1.72 Ayr Bruins 3 Glasgow Dynamos 4 Ayrshire Advertiser Report Jan 1972

Walk Out Puts Ayr Under Pressure

Ayr Bruins 3 Glasgow Dynamos 4

A two man walk out midway through the game killed any hopes Bruins had of beating their visitors from Glasgow. Joe Baird and Ally Brennan were the men who decided to take no further part in the game and their action upset team mates who went down to a mediocre Dynamos side.

Yet ironically, this match started well for the Ayr team, and they almost grabbed an early lead when McGregor and McBride went close. Bruins did cash in on their pressure when Brennan shot them ahead after McBride and McGregor had set him up. But Glasgow hit back quickly when Thomson was allowed to close in on goal unchallenged before easily beating Newall.

It was midway through the second period that Brennan and Baird decided to walk out, and, with the home side in confusion, Dynamos found the net twice to take a 3-1 lead.

Before the end of the period, McBride had pulled one back from McIntosh’s service.

Ayr’s reshuffled formation seemed to strike a happy blend at the start of the final period and Stewart Hendrie moved up from defence equalised with a good goal after McBride had sent him clear. Shortly afterwards Stevenson latched on to a rebound to put Dynamos into the lead again.

In a desperate bid to snatch a draw, Bruins took off netminder Newall and iced another forward, but, although Dempster was unfortunate with a shot that hit a post, they just could not grab the vital goal.

Bruins – Newall, Logan; Dempster, Young, McIntosh, Hendrie; McBride, McCrae, McGregor, McCord, Miller, Baird, Colville:


Baird Suspended

Joe Baird has been suspended by the club for his part in Sunday’s walkout during the game with Dynamos. The position concerning Brennan is still uncertain.