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Report by Bernard Stocks for the Ice Hockey Herald No 41 -21 October1972

This should have been Lawrie Lovell's night. Newly arrived in a Flyers' jersey and given  a great ovation by the crowd, the former Racers' no 1 should have stolen the show. But somehow Lawrie, as he has so often done In the past, managed to wtthdraw from the spotlight and provide the setting for one of his mates to grab the glory. This tIme it was a young fella by the name of Norrie Boreham who stole the show. Revelling in the stream of silky passes provided by brothers Lawrie and Les, the 'Rocket' demonstrated in no uncertain terms how he earned his nickname.
Fittingly Lawrie LovelL scored the openIng goal for hIs new club,but,it was Boreham's speed on the left wing that really created the opening after slick servIce from Les Lovell. Then Lawrie and Les combIned to let Boreham flash the red light. Hester picked one up at the other end before the end of the first period and for most of the second McKay and his defence held Flyers at bay.
Relentless pressure told, however,and with just over a minute remaining, Boreham (agaIn) picked up a loose puckfor a smart breakaway goal and Les Lovell sent Flyers to the dresIng room with a comfortable feeling under thelr belts.
The third period opened wIth a goal by Lawrie Lovell and more FIfe pressure, climaxed by a snap goal from J. Taylor. Hereabouts Dynamos were supposed to lie down and be massacred, but they came back off the ropes valiantly and goals by Stevenson and McCain put them back in with a chance. Had they got another quick goal anything could have happened, but Flyers rallied and although Hester did get one more, there was never any real danger of the points leaving the east coast.                        B.S.

STAR RATINGS *** Boreham ** Lawrie Lovell * Hester.

FLYERS: JIm Taylor, Pullar; G. Taylor, Medd, Cargill, Greenhorn; J.Taylor, Law Lovell, PetrIe,Hunter, Les Lovell, Boreham, CrombIe, CottreIl, MuIr.
DYNAMOS: M'Kay; D.Lavety, Murray, Barratt, Purcell, A.Lavety; M'Cain, W.Lavety, Stevenson,Carroll, RobbIe, Hester, Allan, SmIth.
REFEREES: D. Cross;T. Watt.

1. FLYERS Law Lovell (Boreham, Les Lovell) IO.10
2. FLYERS Boreham (Law Lovell, les Lovell) 15.15
3. DYNAMOS Hester (W.Lavety, Stevenson) 18.45
Pens: Hunter

4. FLYERS Boreham 38.30
5 FLYERS Les Lovell (Law Lovell) 39.50
Pens: Greenhorn '

6. FLYERS Law Lovell (Les Lovell) 41.00
7. FLYERS J. Taylor 47.46
8. DYNAMOS Stevenson (Barratt) 49.23
9. DYNAMOS M'Cain (Purcell, Robbie) 51.00
10. DYNAMOS Hester 57.55
Pens: Medd, D.Lavety, Greenhorn.

Shots On Goal             1       2          3     Total
PULLAR (Flyers)         6       -           5       11
TAYLOR(Flyers)           -       8          6       14
M'KAY (Dynamos)     12     14        16      42

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