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Report by Richard Tulloch for the Ice Hockey Herald No 43 -25 November 1972

Wasps and Dynamos did nothing to enhance their reputations in this grimly bruislng cup-tie battle. What excitement there was, mostly in the later stages of the match, too often resulted
from mistakes rather than good play, as brawn far too often was substituted for brain.
Of a lackluster first period it virtually suffices to say that Glasgow deserved their 2-0 lead, if only that they were slightly less lethargic. Hester hit the first from the blue line and Carroll
scored the second by sneaking in on the 'blindside' of the defence.
Slowly but surely Johnson and the McDonough brothers began to find form and only fine defensIve work by Hester kept them out. Wilson's determination - one of the games brIghter spots~ eventually paid off when O"Connor converted one of his centres. The game was brought back to life with a brace of P. McDonough goals, the second on a fast, dashing break. But Glasgow weren't beaten and Hester kept his head well to score on a solo break from his own blue line.
The successlon of penalties which so blemished this game was now under way, and arguably the game's only really memorable moment came when C'Connor, P. M'Donough and Brown combIned in an excellent power play move for Wasps' fourth. A smart shot by Maughan put Wasps 5-3 ahead and a rasping, Mahovlich-type slap shot from Johnson proved too hot for McKay to keep out. The ever alert McCain kept Glasgow in touch with a close range effort.
Really, what can one say of the third perIod? It steadily degenerated until a fight broke out involving O'Connor (though he did not start it) and just when everything seemed settled a worse melee erupted involving sIx players. Just for the record the period's goals were scored by Carroll,
P. M'Donough (2), Johnson and Stevenson. In the final stages Pimblott had one disallowed. As a parting thought, both sides might care to bear in mind that the public pays to see hockey - not over 100 minutes dished out in penalties!
STAR RATINGS *** Johnson ** Hester * P..M'Donough.

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