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Report by Fraser Elder for the Ice Hockey Herald No 45 -  6 January 1973

This was 100 goal night at the Klngsway with a vengeance! Rockets' Mike Mazur and Dynamos' BarrIe Stevenson completed three figures while Sam Macdonald scored his 100th goal in a Rockets' strip.
Other than all three deservedly picking up scoring kudos, this game had little to offer in the way of competition for the local sIde. M. Reid grabbed a first period hat-trIck and singles from Mazur, Macdonald and Stewart put Rockets on easy street. Stevenson made it 7-1.
The processIon towards Grant in the Dynamos' cage never let up although the visitors must take credIt for snapping three more chances, by courtesy of a slack home defence. Spence, Klnmond, Macdonald (2) and Mcintosh... thIs one was the goal of the nIght... took Dundee's tally to the dozen, whIle Stevenson (2) and Hester registered for Glasgow.
Macdonald made it 13 early in the final perIod before Mazur, still needing three goals for his 100, took the game by the scruff of the neck. The CanadIan grabbed No. 14 and Stewart added another before the turn. Stevenson bravely hit back for Dynamos but Mazur ran riot wIth three more, apparently unruffled by a short power failure in the rInk near the end. Barratt scored the sIxth for the Dynamos.
ST AR RAT I NGS  *** Mazur   ** Macdonald / Stevenson   *Stewart.

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