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Report by Bernard Stocks for the Ice Hockey Herald No 41 -21 October1972
Fog on the A.80 and a mInor accident to Tom Stewart's car delayed the vIsItIng side and as a result the game was half-an-hour late in starting and was played straight through wIth no tIme out. Perhaps it was just as well, for it was a most disappointing match in all respects.
Rockets started wIth Mazur, in normal gear, guarding the nets for the fIrst minute or so while Ward rushed to get ready. The substitute goalie was not called upon to make a save and in fact saw Klnmond put his sIde ahead. Whether this reverse had a psychological effect on Dynamos  I don't know, but few of them seemed anxIous for the fray thereafter. Rockets contented themselves wIth doIng just enough to keep ahead and exciting moments were few and far between. Spence and Crooks added further first perIod goals and Lafferty drew the only penalty of the night.
One must exempt Mazur from any crIiicism. The wee Canadian worked like a beaver to instil some life into the proceedings, though it was late in the second period before he found the net. M. ReId and Stewart had earlier successes in the second spell and the maIn interest was now on whether Ward could achIeve a shut-out.
Nine minutes into the final frame Mazur made it 7-0 and a minute after the changeover Ward's hopes were dashed when Stevenson, Glasgow's best forward for the second night in succession, took a McBrIde pass to score. Rockets drifted comfortably to vIctory on further goals by Macdonald and M. Reid.
STAR RATINGS *** Mazur ** Klnmond * Stevenson / Carroll



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