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Glasgow Dynamos Remembered

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Whitley Bay 18 Dynamos 5
Glasgow opened this match with a goal after only 35 seconds and, during the first period, looked as though they could have given the Warriors a run for their money. But the home men became the dominating force in the second period. Mercilessly they poured in goal after goal. The Third period saw Glasgow regain a little composure and three goals but it wasn't sufficient to dampen the spirits of the triumphant Warriors
 *** H Pearson
  ** T Matthews
   * G Pearson / Shields
First Period
Shields (D)
J Pearson (W)
Shields (D)
J Pearson (W)
T Matthews (W)
G Pearson (W)
Second Period
Miller (W)
K Matthews (W)
Miller (W)
T Matthews (W)
T Matthews (W)
K Matthews (W)
G Pearson (W)
Third Period
Hester (D)
Vail (W)
Carroll (D)
H Pearson (W)
K Matthews (W)
Hudson (W)
Hudson (W)
Stevenson (D)
G Pearson (W)
Report from UK Ice Hockey Herald No 49